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Domain Investing Playbook -THE D.I.P.

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Hey- I am Alex Verdea, a domain name investor, a salesman and entrepreneur. I have been a domain investor for more then a decade and started sharing my journey and tips on Twitter: @AlexVerdea I share sales tips and domain investing tips daily. My Twitter audience has convinced me to put all my knowledge into an eBook so I figured why not. I wrote this eBook to answer most the repeated questions I get asked in regards to domain investing.

Do you want to start a new side hustle? Look no further. The beauty of being a domain investor is that domains are digital real estate. There are NO storage fees and NO shipping fees. I used to buy and flip laptops on Ebay while working 2 jobs and putting myself through college well before the whole “products for profit” and “flipping” was a thing. I stumbled upon domains by accident, and I was intrigued and wanted to give it a go. When you live in a tiny apartment and have laptops, parts and boxes everywhere is not cool. I was instantly hooked after I completed my first domain sale. I started with almost no money, and no guide!  

This is not your typical “get rich quick” book. As a matter of fact, if you want to get rich quick, I suggest you buy a lotto ticket instead.

The Domain Investing Playbook “The D.I.P” is a “step by step” system I created to produce #cashflow and passive income investing in digital real estate aka. “Domain names”.

Learn everything you need to know how to get started investing in Domain names, and how you can produce #cashflow every month with little to no capital involved.

What you gain:

✅ How to get started investing in domain names

✅ How to pick “niches” to invest in

✅ How to actively or passively produce #cashflow

✅ How to hand register cheap domain names($7) following my system

✅ How to become a better negotiator and close more deals

✅ Chapter 12 by itself is pure “gold” and game changer to get more deals done

✅ How to value and appraise domain names

✅ How to handle objections and close more deals


Is this eBook good for a beginner?

Absolutely. I wrote the book as a roadmap and “step by step” guide. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a PRO. I have included plenty of screenshots, and I explain with examples in Chapter 8 how to find domains to hand register, how I value and appraise domains in Chapter 13, and I share my ultimate “tip/hack” in Chapter 12 the DAN outbound method.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of educational material and concepts provided in this book there will be no refunds issued.

Can I share this book with anyone else or my team?

This book is for individual use only. Please contact me if you are interested in a license for your organization, team or group etc.


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Domain Investing Playbook -THE D.I.P.

14 ratings
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